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Standard Poodle Puppies

Beautiful puppies have arrived! Mother (Tango) is a white AKC registered standard poodle.  Father (Winston) is a parti colored black CKC registed standard poodle. Both dogs are our much loved family pets.  They are non shedding, smart, loving dogs.  Great with children and have wonderful dispositions.

These puppies are adorable!

Read Tango's perfect health report here

Meet Mom Tango

Tango is our female white standard poodle. She is absolutely beautiful! Tango gets along with everyone! She loves to play and is super athletic. Her favorite thing is playing fetch with a ball. WOW she can jump up high to catch it. She also loves to go on walks and is a very loyal dog. She really never leaves my side. If I am on the sofa when is laying on the back of it. She is truly my best friend and super loyal companion. She doesn't shed which is a huge bonus!

Click here to view Tango's Certified Pedigree Certificate
Standard poodle Lexington Kentucky

Meet Dad Winston

Winston is a parti colored male CKC registed standard poodle. He loves to snuggle and play. He has an amazing temperament and loves everyone and every person that he comes into contact with. He lives in a loving home with 2 other dogs (his wife Tango) and his sister Ellie May. He also lives with 2 cats, his two owners and their youngest child. He is very well socialized and loves to go on car rides, walks and to the dog park. He love to steal your shoes to put in his pile of treasures but doesn't tear them up. He is just a collector. haha He is the BEST dog we have ever had. I call him Mr. Perfection. One of his favorite things is taking a shower. He will just hop right in. He weighs around 65 pounds.

Read Winston's Perfect Health Report Here

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