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10 ways to use Easter decorated sugar cookies as gifts

10 ways to use Easter decorated sugar cookies as gifts

  1. Easter Basket Filler: Fill a small Easter basket with Easter-themed cookies and gift it to your loved ones.  

  2. Cookie Bouquet: Arrange Easter cookies in a bouquet, wrap them with colorful cellophane paper, and tie a ribbon around it.

  3. Easter Card Add-on: Add a couple of Easter cookies to your Easter card as a sweet and thoughtful gift.

  4. Edible Easter Decor: Use Easter cookies as an edible centerpiece for your Easter table.

  5. Teacher Gift: Gift Easter cookies to your child's teacher as a gesture of appreciation.

  6. Easter Egg Hunt Prize: Hide Easter cookies around your garden for an Easter egg hunt and use them as prizes for the winner.

  7. Hostess Gift: If you're invited to an Easter party, bring a box of Easter cookies as a thoughtful hostess gift.

  8. Care Package: Send an Easter care package to friends or family members who are far away and include Easter cookies as a sweet treat.

  9. Neighborhood Gifts: Gift Easter cookies to your neighbors as a gesture of goodwill.

  10. Party Favor: Use Easter cookies as party favors for an Easter-themed party. Fill up small bags with cookies and tie them with ribbon.

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