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Meet Lauren, The Cheerful Baker

Meet Lauren, The Cheerful Baker

Lauren Jacobs, also known as The Cheerful Baker, is the proud owner of a thriving cookie decorating and cookie cutter company. With a passion for baking and a talent for artistic design, Lauren has built a business that delights customers with unique and beautifully crafted cookies.

The Cheerful Box Cookie Decorating Subscription

Her subscription service, The Cheerful Box, has gained popularity for its creative and convenient offerings. Each month, subscribers receive a set of custom cookie cutters designed by Lauren herself, along with a coordinating class that teaches them how to use the cutters to create stunning cookie designs. This hands-on approach not only provides subscribers with the tools they need but also the skills to elevate their cookie decorating abilities.

Food Network Contestant 

Lauren's expertise and creativity have not gone unnoticed. She recently showcased her talents on the Food Network, competing in the Christmas Cookie Challenge. Her appearance on the show highlighted her ability to blend flavor and artistry, impressing both judges and viewers. This national recognition has further cemented her reputation as a leading figure in the cookie decorating community. Through her business and media appearances, Lauren continues to inspire and teach aspiring bakers, sharing her love for cookies and creativity with a wider audience.

Hello! I'm Lauren, The Cheerful Baker, and you might recognize me from the Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge, Season 6, Episode 7, titled "Christmas Then and Now."

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I have had the pleasure of collaborating with various business partners to create custom cookies featuring their products and logos. These collaborations have allowed me to blend my creative skills with their brand identities, resulting in unique and memorable treats. From designing cookies that showcase their latest products to crafting logo-shaped cookies for corporate events and promotional campaigns, each project has been an exciting opportunity to bring their vision to life in a delicious and visually appealing way. These partnerships have not only expanded my creative horizons but also strengthened relationships with fellow businesses, enhancing our collective success and community engagement.

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