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5 easy ways to decorate mini chocolate sugar cookies to give as gifts

5 easy ways to decorate mini chocolate sugar cookies to give as gifts

Mini cookies are a great gift option because they are portable, versatile, customizable, and offer portion control. They are a sweet and thoughtful gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone with a sweet tooth!

It is possible to create an adorable gift using only one cookie cutter and difference icing techniques.  This cookie cutter is from The Cheerful Box monthly cookie decorating kit.

Find out more about The Cheerful Box at

1. The dip and swirl technique. Put white royal icing in a shallow bowl and then put a ribbon of colored royal icing on top. Swirl together and dip your cookies and dip into the icing.  

2. Wet on wet technique. Cover your cookie with royal icing and then while it is still wet squeeze out  dots of royal icing on top. The dots will sink into the icing.  The icing must be flooding consistency for this technique to work.  

3. Squiggle technique. Just squiggle lines of colored royal icing on top of the cookie

4. Bling bling technique. Use diamond dust from @thesugarart to add a pop of bling to an uniced cookie

5. Highlight detail technique. Highlight one detail with royal icing and leave the rest of the cookie without icing

6. Cover and sparkle technique. Cover the cookie with a pretty color of royal icing and then add diamond dust from The Sugar Art

Put the cookies in a clear bag and top with a cute gift tag and bow.  


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