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5 reasons I loved being on the Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge

5 reasons I loved being on the Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge

I have always been passionate about baking, and the thought of competing on the Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge had been a dream of mine for some time. I was thrilled when that dream came true last year! Are you thinking about trying out for a spot on this amazing cooking show?  If you are on the fence, I would love for you to read the top 5 reasons that I loved being on the Christmas Cookie Challenge so you can go for your dream!

1.  It was amazing to meet Ree Drummund in person.  I have watched the Food Network for years and my favorite show was always The Pioneer Woman.  I like that Ree is so devoted to her family.  I feel a kinship with her because of that fact.  The best part of the CCC show was when she complimented me on my cookie and told me how much she loved it. She actually took it off of the stage with her which was AMAZING!!

2. It was so much fun to meet decorated cookie artists and macaron makers from all over the country.  They were talented and kind and I learned something from each of them.

3.  It was challenging and rewarding to develop my own special sugar cookie recipes.  I enjoy the science of baking and learned so many cool things while I was in recipe development.  My chocolate covered strawberry cookie recipe turned out to be the most delicious cookie I have ever tasted. 

4. My children were really proud of me.  For years I was a stay at home mom.  My kids love me but didn't really think of me as a business woman.  Seeing me on National T.V made them really happy and proud and made them  realize that I am more than just mom.  (Although that is my FAVORITE job!!)

5. I became proud of myself and of the hard work that I have put into learning how to decorate cookies.  I am a self-taught cookie artist and have spent years trying to improve my skills.  Getting a spot on the Food Network made me really feel accomplished.  

If you want to improve your cookie decorating skills at home them you can check out my Cheerful Cookie Decorating Subscription Box- The Cheerful Box. 

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