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Taking your cookie hobby to a cookie business

Taking your cookie hobby to a cookie business

Have you been dreaming of taking your cookie hobby into a cookie business. Here are 3 steps that helped me prepare to quit my job and open my own cookie business 1. Grow your audience: Do you like to play on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Tic Tok? Whichever you like is where you should start your page. Start creating content and interact with those who are following you. An email list is also a GREAT idea! 2. Figure out how much you want to make each month and then work backwards. Figure out how many dozen cookies, cookie classes, etc you need to do to reach your goal 3. Invest in training: make sure you feel confident in your abilities before you start selling so you feel confident in your pricing. Don’t undervalue yourself or start selling a product that you are not proud of. Take classes, follow successful cookiers and listen to podcasts.

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