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cookie decorating classes - Charcuterie board set

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Charcuterie Cookie Decorating Class

Practice and improve your decorating skills with our exclusive Charcuterie Cookie Decorating Class! This class takes a creative twist on the classic charcuterie board, teaching you how to craft an impressive 10-inch charcuterie board cookie using a specialized 3-piece cookie cutter set. Perfect for any occasion, these stunning cookies will be the centerpiece of your dessert table.

Class Highlights:

Charcuterie board cookie

  • Learn to assemble and decorate a 10-inch charcuterie board cookie that’s both delicious and visually stunning.

Brie Cheese Cookie

  • Craft a realistic-looking brie cheese cookie that adds a touch of elegance to your cookie board.

Salami and Crackers Cookie 

  • Create salami and cracker cookies that perfectly mimic their savory counterparts.

Strawberries Cookie 

  • Decorate cute strawberry cookies that add a pop of color and sweetness to your board.

Grape Cluster Cookie 

  • Design beautiful grape cluster cookies that bring a touch of freshness to your charcuterie spread.

Grouping of Olives Cookie 

  • Make detailed olive cookies that add a fun and "savory" design element to your cookie board.

Wine Bottle Cookie 

  • Complete your charcuterie board with a stylish wine bottle cookie, perfect for a sophisticated touch.

Why You'll Love This Class:

  • Comprehensive Instruction: Each step is broken down into easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring you can recreate these intricate designs with confidence.
  • Creative Fun: Transform simple cookies into a gourmet charcuterie board that’s as fun to make as it is to eat.
  • Reusable Content: Access the class on YouTube and watch as many times as you need to master each technique.
  • Perfect for All Levels: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned decorator, this class offers tips and tricks to enhance your skills.

Join us in this unique Charcuterie Cookie Decorating Class and impress your friends and family with a show-stopping cookie creation. Enroll today and turn your baking into an art form!